• I wasn’t very hungry tonight so I decided to cook up a side dish from Peanut Butter Fingers I had wanted to try. Yesterday I picked up a rutabega at Whole Foods to make french fries. Apparently you can prepare them similar to potatoes. They were a bit denser than potatoes but I really enjoyed the flavor. They are a great alternative to potatoes. They’re low in sodium and fat, full of vitamins and minerals and a good source of fiber. Definitely worth a try.

    Though after lunch a simple piece of fruit is the perfect dessert, when it comes to dinner I want a little something more. When I was home last week, my mother had some gorgeous Harry and David Pears. I whipped up a nice little dessert for my family based on a recipe of my grandmother’s. I found a healthier version on FitSugar that I adapted for the evening. I only had pears on hand but it was so easy to whip up the rest of it. The warm pear with the crispy topping felt so indulgent but is a nice healthy dessert. 

    You can find either of the recipes by following the links. One thing I love about both of these recipes is how much you can experiment with them. You can find the exact recipes on the links above but play around with different spices on the fries and try apples in the pear crisp. Let me know any good combinations!

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This blog initially served as my day-to-day training record for the 2010 New York City Marathon with a little bit about how I have fun in the city. I finished my first marathon in 4:17:48 and had the time of my life. I also raised over $2000 for Camp Casey. Post marathon this blog followed some of my continued healthy endeavors and races and will provide me with a place to record great running articles, quotes or facts I read. Now, as I embark on my second marathon adventure, follow me as I work toward a lifelong goal - running the Boston Marathon!