• Looking at my tumblr drafts folder, I realized I never posted about the Summer Solstice yoga class I took! Here’s a brief description from what I recall.

    To celebrate the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, various free yoga classes were offered throughout the city. I saw that a giant one was taking place in Times Square and decided I HAD to participate. The class was at 7:30 but they suggested getting there by 7. I did just that and saw a gigantic line looping around where I thought the entrance would be. Fortunately, it moved quickly, and after picking up a free mat and bag of goodies, I found a spot to put my mat and settled in. 

    The class itself was good, vinyasa flow, really got my body moving, but the experience was out of this world! Doing yoga with over 1000 people in the middle of hustling, bustling Times Square was such a unique experience. The billboards were all flashing around us (including a video focused on us the whole time) and cars zoomed by on the outside of police barricades. The company’s insight was that it’s easy to be calm and focused on your practice on top of a secluded mountain or in a quiet studio, it’s an entirely different thing to find peace in the epicenter of NYC insanity. 

    Definitely hoping to participate in this event again next year!

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This blog initially served as my day-to-day training record for the 2010 New York City Marathon with a little bit about how I have fun in the city. I finished my first marathon in 4:17:48 and had the time of my life. I also raised over $2000 for Camp Casey. Post marathon this blog followed some of my continued healthy endeavors and races and will provide me with a place to record great running articles, quotes or facts I read. Now, as I embark on my second marathon adventure, follow me as I work toward a lifelong goal - running the Boston Marathon!